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Misu's Mood Tracking Feature
Monitor which websites stress you the most. Misü is a desktop app designed to measure users’ moods while online and notify them if particular websites are triggering stress hormones. Once i […]
CitizenM's Contactless Stay
Check in and out without social interactions. As partCitizenM coronavirus-related adaptations of services, guests can now enjoy contactless stays at all worldwide locations. Check-in and ch […]
Lidl's Whatsapp Chatbot
Ask Lidl when s the quietest time to shop. As an attempt to provide a solution for the snaking queues, Lidl has launched a WhatsApp chatbot in Ireland, with which customers can converse, an […]
Drop's Unified Cooking Experience
Adapt online recipes to your kitchen setting. Drop is a platform where passionate cooks can find a wide variety of recipes. What makes Drop standing out is the possibility of connecting all […]
Baronfig's 5 Things Email
A quick 5-steps introduction to your brand's values. Baronfig welcomes its customers with a short and clear email highlighting 5 main things they should know about the brand. However, the e […]
Lumin's Back to School Email
Addressing a period that is often neglected, Lumin sends out a promotional email about having its customers ready for the return to school. A special 15% discount is offered to all those s […]
Nuud's Advocacy Email
Instead of just asking customers for a review, Nuud focuses on showing what previous buyers said about their brand.
Brava's Welcome Emails
Brava provides customers with a nice looking two-steps welcome program combined with an intimate and fun tone of voice.
Spar's AI Digital Signage
A grocery signage able to target your needs. SPAR’s traditional digital signs have been improved with an innovative smart targeting and audience analytics solution that delivers hyper perso […]
LuxOttica's In-store Smart Mirrors
Film yourself wearing multiple glasses and compare them in few touches. LuxOttica has launched new virtual mirrors in several of its shops. While using them, customers can take short videos […]
Target's Fam Facebook Group
Become part of the community of your favourite store. Target has become more than just a store to visit. The retail store set out to create a safe space for Target parents to connect, creat […]
Alaska Airlines' Year in Trivia Email & Quiz
Look back at your travel year and earn rewards playing Trivia. Alaska Airlines engaged with its passengers with a Year in Review email experience that reinforced their loyalty to the brand […]
KerryGold's Music Behind the Recipes
Cook with the perfect soundtrack. Kerrygold is tapping into the fact that many people like to listen to music while they cook in its latest campaign. The dairy brand has created Spotify pla […]
Pilot Flying J's Onboarding Program
Welcome program for three different type of drivers. Pilot Flying J oboards the users since the first moment they insert their email address on the newsletter box. The asks what kind of dri […]
See Sound's Noice Recognition
Let your AI Assistant recognise the danger around you. See Sound is a revolutionary home device powered by an AI-learning model that is able to not only listen for a multitude of sounds, bu […]
Blink's Cash Delivery
Have your taxi bring you cash.Blink, a start-up which aims to transform the country’s 70,000 taxis into a mobile ATM network. Users enter the required amount into the mobile app. A nearby […]
Mercado Libre's Money Catalogue
Scan your bills and find out what you can buy. Mercado Libre challenged the idea of using e-commerce only for buying expensive gifts. Teaming up with Facebook, the retailer developed an aug […]
Samsung's Microcodes
Spot the hidden codes and win your smartphone. Samsung hid tiny codes in every Samsung S20 advertisement, physical and digital. No global approvals were needed as the codes were invisible t […]
Jupiler's Postpone your Birthday
Reschedule your birthday at your ease. Belgium’s biggest beer brand, Jupiler, came to the rescue of his customers during the lockdown: it invited all Belgians celebrating their birthday dur […]
Canal+'s Waiting Wins
Turn your flight delay into a win. CANAL+ launched ”Waiting Wins” last summer at Geneva's airport. In real time, all flight data was collected by the Airport and sent to the ”Waiting Wins” […]