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Experience Library 2020

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Alepa's Blockwishes
With the help of a chatbot, Aelpa's customers could request their favorite products to be added on the shelves of their local Alepa straight from their mobile phones Messenger app. Customer […]
KFC's get the original
Through a web-app that uses smart image recognition, KFC hacked the McDonald’s chicken ads. By snapping any McDonalds’s Crispy Chicken any user could get a coupon for original hand breaded […]
Glade's Scent
Glaze filled delivery pillows with its latest fragrances, making more relevant for online shoppers to purchase air care products. Glade partnered with Walmart and found a way to enable cons […]
Secret Cinema's Secret Sofa Email
Secret Cinema has partnered Häagen-Dazs to launch a weekly home-entertainment series. Named "Secret sofa", the weekly screenings are preceeded by newsletters revealing the film of the week […]
Denmark Abuses Office's "United Against Abuse"
In an interactive campaign on Instagram, a group of Denmark's biggest influencers become more beaten and bruised as you tap through their private Instagram stories.
Sky's "Say it with Sky"
Sky TV has a database of thousands of hours of dialogue from the most romantic movies with lots of perfect ways to say those immortal words. That’s why Sky TV helped wannabe lovers to voice […]
New York Public Library’s Insta Novels
The New York Public Library is taking classic novels and transforming them into animated Instagram Stories. “Insta Novels” are converting books into a fun, more eye candy-driven format that […]
National Trust for Scotland's "Tap the Past to ...
Together with Visa, and the Bank of Scotalnd, National Trust for Scotland has installed contactless technology into replicas of some of Scotland’s’ most famous artefacts, allowing National […]
Big Issue's Pay it Forward
The Big Issue has turned into the world's first resellable magazine. The magazine comes with a scannable QR code that allows readers to pass it on to a friend, who can scan the code to pay […]
Treasury Wine Estate’s Living Wine Labels
Treasury Wine Estates has developed the ‘Living Wine Labels’ AR platform across its portfolio of wines to help drive consumer engagement and growth of its brands around the globe. By scanni […]
Trolli's Sneak Attack Campaign
Trolli (a candy company) created a huge series campaign focusing in relationship with the release of a pair of new sneakers. Everything started with the creation of candies shaped exactly i […]
Amazon's Browser Extension "Product Assistant"
With the browser extension amazon's customers are able to get easy access to Product Comparisons while I browse other sites. I can get real-time notifications on orders and shipment. I can […]
Amazon's Feel Good Shopping
Amazon offers their customers to shop with the same prices as they are used to, but will donate 0.5% of eligeble purchases to the charitable organization of the customer's choice. €169M h […]
DBA's Search Agent
Den Blå Avis (the blue newspaper), a first of it's kind ebay like danish company and peer-to-peer selling service, uses their listings filter to promote users to save the filter and surveil […]
Volkswagen ROAD TALES
Road Tales’ uses a custom developed story-engine that creates unique tales based on the location of the user while he is driving with his family. To ensure the stories react to the environm […]