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Experience Library 2020

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AAMI's Warning Spots
Let your ads highlight danger while driving. To decrease car accidents in one of the most dangerous Australian road, AAMI sent geo-targeted Spotify ads when drivers where close to dangerous […]
KFC 's Viewer Verdict
Challenge the referee with the app and get your reward. The NRL video referee has been causing arguments since its introduction in 1997. Fans continuously question the video referee’s decis […]
Worten's Good Print Test
Use your test paper to save lives. Instead of providing customers with the usual layouts to test the colours of their printers, Warton has developed something new. Rather than a cold bunch […]
Liebig's Eat your Tweet
Get a free sample of soup with your tweet in it. Eat Your Tweet is a social media operation in which the digital and the real meet. The hundreds of internet users who criticised the brand o […]
Ramboll's Happy Commuter
Find the healthiest way to home. Ramboll has developed an app through which users can, in real time, get directions to their destination highlighting the routes with the purest air. Ramboll […]
Harrods' In-store navigation
Find your way inside the store. Harrods improved its customer app with an in-store navigation systems which allows shoppers to move around easily. Customers can also locate brands, services […]
Heathrow and Gatwick's Indoor Navigation
Find your way at the airport with local beacons. The London airports of Gatwick and Heathrow give travellers the possibility of moving around with an indoor navigation systems which charact […]
Snag's Size Chart
Find your perfect size, easily. Aware of the multitudes of size in the clothing market, Sang has developed its own size measurements, based on a variety of factors customers can check before buying.
Toyota's Hybrid AR App
Explore your new car with AR. The new Toyota Hybrid AR application uses Augmented Reality to overlay graphics onto physical vehicles, helping customers to gain a better understanding of ho […]
Bloom and Wild's Opt-Out Option
Take care of your customers' email preferences. As part of its Marketing Thoughtfulness movement, Bloom & Wild found a way to personalise as much as possible its Mother's Day newsletter. Kn […]
108's Post-Review Email
The head chef invites you for a round of sparkling wine. As a way to say thank you after receiving a positive review, the restaurant 108 sends an email to his customers. The sends is the he […]
Jiggy's Giftcard
Get to know the brand as soon as you receive your gift. Jiggy Puzzle allows customers to send special giftcards to their loved ones, which come as tiny puzzles the receiver needs to build […]
NIke's Aim Da Max
Bring the customers in-store again with Virtual treasure hunt. Nike Vietnam's stores offer customers the possibility of scanning several QR codes hidden in different areas of the shops. By […]
Rakbank's Polygon Targeting
Target customers while they tap the competition. Rakbank has recently launched a new fast-food service. To make sure the right audience was reached, the brand used polygon targeting to send […]
Knorr's Takeaway/Takeover
Scan junk food and get directed to the healthy one. Knorr's initiative allows to scan pictures of unhealthy, fast food and obtain recipes of healthy alternatives to the meal scanned or even […]
Fox Play's Ecommerce Player
Get that dress you saw on your favourite show. Fox Play allows users to click on the products that appear in the show they are watching to redirect them to third party eccomerce website. […]
Mercado Libre's History with a Story
Share the story of your purchases. Mercado Libre, an Argentinian e-commerce website, launched a campaign through which users can create stories according to the products they buy. Each prod […]
General Motors' In-Car Marketplace
General Motors has equipped its latest vehicles with Marketplace. The technology is in-car app which utilises vehicle data to add context to customer transactions. For example, the platform […]
Benetton's Shop on Instagram
Benetton offers customers the possibility of buying products present in photos posted by other users on Instagram. While visiting the website, customers can look for the most recent Instagr […]
Atolla's Onboarding Quiz
Atolla produces ad-hoc creams and serums for people who care about the health of their skin. Since all the products come as complex combination of different ingredients with different chara […]